How does the audioguided sherry taste work?

sherry-wine-taste-madrid-tapas (2)sherry-wine-taste-madrid-tapas (4)sherry-wine-taste-madrid-tapas (3)
  • 6 glasses of sherry wine in a little Moroccan style tray, This tray allows you to move freely within the San Miguel Market, without worrying about spilling something.
  • Top quality wines, These wines have been selected because of their supreme quality, color and aroma, starting from the driest to the sweetest sherry wines available in the market.
  • Audio guide, You will receive an audio guide, available in 8 languages, which will allow you to listen to each explanation of the wines, history, etc. as often as you want to.
  • Explanation, Each wine in the tray is labeled. The audio guide recording will indicate the steps of the wine tasting, explaining the origin of the grapes, the elaboration methods, the process of ageing, and what is more, how you will sense the different aromas and tastes. All the explanation is done by experienced oenologists.
  • 6 tapas for matching, Each wine is matched, free of charge, with a tapa. You have different options that adapt to your taste preferences or eating intolerances. Of course, the matching options have been previously selected in order to go allong with the respective sherry you are tasting.

The audioguided sherry taste is not only about having some diferent sherry wines. It is more. It is about getting to know the world of sherry, enjoying a wonderful experience and matching the different sherry wines with selected tapas, and, what is more, enjoying at the same time the breathtaking Mercado de San Miguel, located in the very heart of Madrid.

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We are located in the San Miguel Market,  Mercado de San Miguel Madrid, right next to the main square, Plaza Mayor and very close to Puerta de Sol.

Last week for enjoying PhotoEspaña 2016. Don´t Miss it!

Last week for enjoying PHotoEspaña 2016, 19th edition of the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, will take place until August 28, so don´t miss it!

photoespaña-2016-exhibitions (5)

PHotoEspaña,organized by La Fábrica, is a great opportunity for discovering images, videos and installations created by national and international photographers and visual artists too. More than 1.000 exhibitions have been hosted in the city’s main museums since the first time took place this festival.


Vivian Maier, Shirley Baker or Inge Morath are some of the true pioners of the photography that have their works during this exhibition of PhotoEspaña 2016.

Find more in the website PHE