Neptune Fountain in Madrid

At Prado Avenue (Pase del Prado) right at Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo you will find Madrid´s Neptune fountain. It was designed in 1782 by one of Madrid´s principal architects in the eighteens century, Ventura Rodríguez. It was realized by Juan Pascual de Mena, and is made of white marble coming from Montesclars (Toledo).

The fountain represents the Greek god Neptune, which according to the mythology governed over the ocean and the water, riding the waves on his white horses. He is also known as Poseidon.

In this fountain Neptune is located in the middle, holding a trident in his left hand and a curled snail in his other hand. He stands on a cart made out of a shell, drawn by two sea horses and accompanied by dolphins and seals.

Carlos III ordered the construction in honor of the navy. Initially, the fountain was directed towards Cibeles Square, however, in 1898 it was relocated to its actual location. It was built at the same time then the Cibeles fountain and the Apolo fountain in order to decorate the surrounding area of Prado Museum.

The Neptune fountain is surrounded by the Palace and Ritz hotel, the Prado and Thyssen Museum, and the congress of deputies. It is located in the middle of a roundabout with a lot of traffic. That makes it unfortunately impossible to behold it at close range. However, in the near future a reorganization of the whole area is contemplated. Although, there is one moment where people can be closer to the fountain than usually: At the traditional San Silvestre Vallecana race.


And for the football fans of Atlético de Madrid: This is the fountain where you should be if there is something to celebrate!


How to get to Neptune Fountain Madrid

Underground Madrid (station Antón Martín (line 1) o Banco de España (línea 2).

• The easiest way is by bus,of course you can also take different bus lines in order to get to the area. Please have a look at the official page of Madrid’s bus lines. Bus line Madrid (lines 10, 14, 28, 34, 37 y 45)

• Walking is the best way in order to get to know downtown Madrid Neptune Fountain is easily reachable from Puerta de Sol Square, Prado Museum or Atocha. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT THE AREA PLANE BELOW:

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