San Miguel market at Madrid

In the very center of Madrid, San Miguel Market just right across the main square Plaza Mayor, and close to the former city hall, you will find the newly renovated San Miguel Market. This market has become one of the most visited spots of Madrid, and at the same time a reference of gastronomy and entertainment.

The building, a breathtaking steel and glass construction, was first inaugurated in 1916. Until 2004 it was dedicated to a regular Spanish market place. But as the economic activity of the market decreased the new owners decided to give it a new concept. After a complete renovation, where the whole structure of the building has been revised and redesigned in  order to maintain the historic aspects, the market opened up its doors again in may 2009.

The previous market stands and bar have been converted in different food stalls, offering a broad variety of Spanish delicacies and tapas:

Shop 20: Sherry Corner Get to know the exciting world of SHERRY wines with our original TASTING AUDIO-GUIDE.

Shop 25: La Fromagerie (more than 100 different varieties of cheese)

People get their food and drinks from the different stalls located at the perimeter of the market, and consume them at one of the various tables in the center of the market. So you can grab for example delicious Spanish olives tapas and a vermouth aperitif at “La Hora de Vermut”, try some delicious dried fruits with their sherry wine from “The Sherry Corner” or indulge in a delicious frozen yogurt desert from “La Yogurería”. You will find as well a magnificent, and well sorted, wine stall, a flower store, a pastry shop and even a book store!

The market is open every day from 10am until 12pm, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday even until 2am in the morning. Especially during the evening hours and on the weekends you will see a lot of “madrileños” (that is how they call the locals), having a drink, a tapa, and a nice chat with friends.

The San Miguel Market is definitely worth a visit and you must not miss it!

Mercado de San Miguel en Madrid from Sherry Corner on Vimeo.

Stands directory Mercado san Miguel 

Its 33 shops offer a great variety of the best delicatessen delicatessen products