Taste: Extraordinarily dry, noticeable salinity making it a long and complex wine; evidently dry and acidy, inviting one to enjoy it with a broad variety of products.
Appearance: A mahogany colour with copper edges.
Nose: Notes of acetaldehyde (nuts), very sharp, marine aromas remind you of a fish market, salted and smoked products, walnuts and bitter almonds.

Mouth It bursts into the mouth with multiple tastes that explode on the palate, leaving a very long vinous after taste true to its complex structure, oak dipped in wine, almonds and saline.

The Amontillado is a wine requiring dishes with strong contrasts. As an aperitif: pickled products: gherkins, olives, Almagro aubergines; salted products: anchovies or salted cod; smoked products: sturgeon, eels, tuna, kippers. With a starter: soups and consommés, artichokes, asparagus, smoked products, salads with strong ingredients and vinegar dressings, marinated poultry meat or with soy sauces.
For main dishes: marinated foods, blue fish, especially the fattier ones such as marinated tuna, white meats, fish stews such as Marmitaco and many others.



Grape: 100% Palomino.
Alcohol Content: 19.5%.
Type of aging system: American Oak Barrels, 43 years with the Soleras and Criaderas system; first stage under a veil of flor yeast (6-8 years), second stage using the oxidation method (over 30 years). Description: V.O.R.S., Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum/ Very Old Rare Sherry.
Total Acidity: 8.18 gr./l. (tartaric acid) Volatile Acidity: 0.92 gr./l. (acetic acid)
Residual Sugar: 3.4 gr./l. Dry extract: 39 gr.