Sherry Oloroso Tradicion


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Grape: 100% Palomino
Alcohol Content: 20%.
Aging: American Oak Barrels, aged for 45 years with the Soleras andCriaderas system. Oxidation aging with exposure to air inside the barrel. Description: V.O.R.S., Vinum Optimum Rage Signatum/ Very Old Rare Sherry.
Total Acidity: 7.69 gr./l. (tartaric acid) Volatile Acidity:1.42 gr./l. (acetic acid)
Residual Sugar: 8.9 gr./l. Dry Extracts: 46 gr./l.

Appearance: Mahogany with tones of chestnut and copper-coloured edges. Nose: Subtly nutty with balsamic flashes. It brings back toasted memories of rare woods, old leather, toasted elements, cocoa, cedar…  Taste: Initially pleasant, oily, sweet and round. When reaching the throat we encounter a powerful, long and sturdy wine with elegant, medicinal, toasted notes and a bitter chocolate aftertaste.

Although it requires rich dishes, when it comes to combinations, it might be the most versatile of all our wines. For an aperitif: with cured ham, cured ham loin and other Iberian cured meats. With a starter: soups and consommés, rice dishes with rich sauces… With main dishes: roast meats with rich sauces, fatty meats, roast meats, stews… Pre-desserts: with a platter of cured goat’s cheese or similar. Desserts: the contrast with certain types of desserts, not excessively sweet yet oily, nut or roasted fruit tarts, chocolate, etc. By the glass: very pleasant as an after meal drink maybe accompanied with a good cigar such as a Montecristo Petit Edmundo, a Cuaba or a Ramón Amores.

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